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The pioneers of traceability, identification, collection and transaction blockchain of artworks.

RCCC is a team jointly initiated by several well-known domestic and foreign collectors and large-scale art investment institutions.
With a registered capital of 10 million, it is located in Melbourne, Australia. It is mainly engaged in: art investment, trading, exhibitions, leasing, publicity planning,
and appraisal Evaluation, commissioned transactions and a series of specialized services.

Traceability an-ti counterfeiting

Blockchain storage information

Identify the true source of the artwork

Expert identification

Global Network of Master Alumnis

The block chain model evaluates artistic assets

Point-to-point transaction

Lower Transaction Cost

Streamline transactions

Chain collection

Collect information exchange platform

Art derived value-added services

what is RCCC?

The RCCC platform is based on EOS development and was originally designed to allow art lovers and industry participants to exchange information conveniently and safely and reliably. Because blockchain technology is open and transparent, and data cannot be tampered with, all historical information of a work of art can be retrieved at any stage to verify its provenance and ownership. The RCCC expert appraisal network can review through visual inspection when necessary and ensure the quality of the artwork. The RCCC will promote the establishment of a fully transparent art market for the arts and attract more art investors.

  • The RCCC artwork traceability, authentication and transaction data platform will strive to become top5 of the global art data platform system within one year.
  • The Provides basic blockchain support for all types of artwork data platform systems and builds a blockchain ecosystem of artworks.
  • The RCCC has been working in the field of data platform systems for many years, and has mature solutions, including the design, implementation and promotion of the platform, as well as the design of related big data monitoring platforms.
  • The RCCC also takes the lead in the industry in terms of the combination of data platform system and blockchain technology, and has more than one year of research and development.
  • The RCCC team has served millions of users and has many years of experience in customer service. Also accumulated a large number of potential customers for the RCCC platform.

The usage scenario of global art trading system platform

The use of RCCC tokens to trade artworks has ensured the trading of works of art creators around the world. With RCCC tokens, their artwork will be tied to RCCC tokens and permanently written once and for all into the records of the unalterable blockchain smart contract. Artists can register as RCCC platform users through the user-friendly RCCC user interface.

The Team’s note

Meet The Team

our team

Xing Wang
CEO and co-founder

Once in the Internet consumption and cultural e-commerce field.Excellent achievements, profound knowledge of electronic products and transportation.The digital operation of the camp and art assets. Senior data experts, rich in large companies software development management experience. Responsible for the company overall strategy, marketing academic, journals and feild of conferences papers.,which including Point-to-point distributed System, cloud computing and big data.

Zobi Adar
Business Operations Director

Zobi used to be blockchain analyst at Blockchain Capitalist. He manages the world's premier blockchain payment company Specialties:TMT, Fintech, Robo-Advisor, Blockchain, eCommerce, Marketplace, B2C, C2C, Cross-border,Mergers & Acquisitions, Fundraising, Corporate Development, Investor Relations.

Shousong Wang
General counsel

AdvisorThe senior adviser to the Holland working group of the National Development Bank, the director of the European Union Culture General Administration, the chairman of the Chinese European Chinese Chinese poverty alleviation foundation and the chairman of the Chinese calligraphy and Painting Association, have been received many times by the leaders of the party and the state, and the Thai culture field. It has made outstanding contributions to the global dissemination of Chinese culture.Dutch Chinese.

Piter Stephen
Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer Piter Stephen is Senior Computer Research Engineer, born in Melbourne, Australia.Has been engaged in the field of blockchain research for many years.Rich in blockchain technology experience and IT experience, skilled in the latest technology of blockchain.He has been responsible for a number of blockchain projects and has more than 25 years of experience in technical consulting and software development. Consulting clients include a variety of Fortune 100 financial services and technology companies, managing complex technical solutions and responsible for large-scale system development.

Xiaoping Su
Planning Director

As a planning manager and social, media, website work. Has more than 5 years of corporate planning experience, has a strong ability to resist pressure, adapt to different occasions, adaptability, active work, there is a strong appeal. A number of planning cases were shared by the industry as successful experiences.

John Flores
The University of Queensland

Customer Focused Technologist and Data Science Leader with Strong Commercial Acumen and aPassion for Digital Innovation and Transformation. 

ADUk Pinch
Technologies Consultant

Education and Business Strategy Consultant at the Melbourne Blockchain Centre and Intraverse Blockchain Technologies Blockchain Educator and Business Strategy Consultant. Leading workshops and consulting on the application of Blockchain technology to a range of corporate and community issues.

Ablmad Sokkarky
Technical Engineer

Ablmad was a blockchain developer at wiki. He is a full stack developer with 14 years of experience and over 30 projects with multinational companies worldwide. He is an expert in programming languages as GoLang, NodeJs, C++,C. React,etc. He has 2-year experience in Solidity and Ethereum related programming.

George Steem
Technical Engineer

Quality Improvement Consultant At Melbourne, Australia ANCA Machine ToolsMonash University Has its own unique insights in mechanical engineering and industrial design, and has an industry-leading position

Cathleen John
Director of MarketingFashion Design Instructor

Fashion Consultant and Lecturer and to work as a Collection Director and Lecturer in Melbourne.

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